Singapore Car Show 2019 – Girls And Cars

Singapore has some of the most beautiful Asian women I have ever seen, and one of the best places to see that is actually during the local car shows.

Singapore has several car shows throughout the year. They are usually held during the month of January, April and October. During these motor shows, they hire a lot of Singaporean women who will model during these car events. I really like it because they only hire local girls during that period.

As you can see from the following video, there are lots of SG girls and models. The only thing I can usually complain about Singapore’s car shows is the lack of Mustangs! I used to see one at October 2018’s motorshow, but definitely not at the latest 2019’s event.

Something odd about Singapore is that on top of regular import taxes, which are already ridiculously high, they tax cars based on their engine capacity. This means that because Mustangs are usually high in engine capacity, the taxes are over $3000 to $4000 USD a year! That is some of the most ridiculous things I have heard… even compared to the recent California’s exhaust noise volume laws. Even that is dirt cheap in comparison to some of the taxes that Singapore puts on cars.

As a result, I believe that is why mainstream motor shows in Singapore seldom show Mustangs. Once in a while though, I have seen Mustangs around the roads of Singapore. It’s a beautiful sight whenever I see them.

Nonetheless, there is a saving grace to the motor show events of Singapore – the girls! I shall stop bothering you and ask you to simply watch the following video to enjoy! SG girls are beautiful – see for yourself and perhaps visit Singapore and engage a local escort. Hottest girls in Asia.