Do Girls Make More Cash As Escorts Or Car Show Models In SG?

A common question that many people like to ask me as I am constantly interacting with car show models in Singapore, is whether social escorts in Singapore or car show models make more money. Here is the unanimous answer – escort girls.

Car show models generally make money on a per gig basis, which is similar to that of escort girls. Both car show models and social escorts are paid per appointment or gig, and are not paid a fixed monthly salary as they are not fixed pay employees under their agencies. They are simply engaged each time for their services. Of course, the more available and more hardworking they are, the more money they will make.

Car show models are generally paid per event for their job. Each car show event in Singapore usually goes on for 4 days, with each day’s event approximately 10 to 12 hours long. Models are usually paid a few hundred dollars for the 4 days total. They are seldom paid per hour, although their eventual pay is usually calculated based on that, but payable per event only.

On the other hand, social escort girls are paid per hour for their time. Even though they have split with their agency, their net take home is usually still around $300 to $450 per hour! That is for just one hour! As an escort girl in Singapore, you can make more money in 1 hour than working for 4 days can make you as a car show model. Albeit, not everyone suits being a social escort, and it is a more difficult job than that of a car show model. So it really depends if you suit being one. If you are suited to be a social escort, then being a social escort will definitely make you much more money than being an automotive show model!

What do you think? Are you going to apply to work as an escort girl in Singapore or as a model at the next car show event or both?