Do Girls Make More Cash As Escorts Or Car Show Models In SG?

A common question that many people like to ask me as I am constantly interacting with car show models in Singapore, is whether social escorts in Singapore or car show models make more money. Here is the unanimous answer – escort girls.

Car show models generally make money on a per gig basis, which is similar to that of escort girls. Both car show models and social escorts are paid per appointment or gig, and are not paid a fixed monthly salary as they are not fixed pay employees under their agencies. They are simply engaged each time for their services. Of course, the more available and more hardworking they are, the more money they will make.

Car show models are generally paid per event for their job. Each car show event in Singapore usually goes on for 4 days, with each day’s event approximately 10 to 12 hours long. Models are usually paid a few hundred dollars for the 4 days total. They are seldom paid per hour, although their eventual pay is usually calculated based on that, but payable per event only.

On the other hand, social escort girls are paid per hour for their time. Even though they have split with their agency, their net take home is usually still around $300 to $450 per hour! That is for just one hour! As an escort girl in Singapore, you can make more money in 1 hour than working for 4 days can make you as a car show model. Albeit, not everyone suits being a social escort, and it is a more difficult job than that of a car show model. So it really depends if you suit being one. If you are suited to be a social escort, then being a social escort will definitely make you much more money than being an automotive show model!

What do you think? Are you going to apply to work as an escort girl in Singapore or as a model at the next car show event or both?

Why Do Men Find Escorts During Singapore’s F1 Period?

Lots of wealthy people from all over the world hail to Singapore for the famous F1 night race. During this event, lots of male guests will also bring a beautiful woman by his side. However, not all of these women are actually their girlfriends or their spouses. In fact, a lot are actually escorts. Some escorts are engaged locally in Singapore, while others are actually brought from the country these visitors come from. So why do these men look for escorts and why is there usually a demand spike during Singapore’s F1 race period?

There are several reasons why men (in general too) look for social escorts in Singapore. If you are not sure how to find genuine ones in Singapore, here are tips to help you find real escorts in Singapore.

Firstly, most financially successful men reach their peak wealth around age 30 to 45. Most of these men who look for social escorts are highly successful businessmen or business executives. Some may even be professionals such as surgeons or top lawyers. Basically, these are men at the top of their financial game and have been going at this financial game since their early 20s or even younger. This means that these men are very often single, and did not have much time mingling around and dating around when they are younger in their 20s. As a result, now they are very wealthy, and yet sometimes feel that they have not yet found ‘the one’. Therefore, the easiest no frills way to enjoy the companionship of a beautiful woman is to simply pay for it. It is perfectly legal to pay for an escort in Singapore.

In addition, since most men at the F1 party are foreigners, how can they possibly pick up a girl at the bar easily when they are only here in Singapore for 1 or 2 days? Keep in mind, while they are very wealthy and usually have an alpha male personality, their looks may not be able to rival the younger men. Because you cannot expect them to wave $1000 bills in the bars, the next best option is to engage a female escort to accompany him. Not only is hiring a social escort discreet (one can simply Google for social escorts in Singapore and then hire one from a registered local Singapore agency), it is also convenient and fast.

Second of all, a beautiful woman will be able to raise a man’s social status at a social gathering. Imagine how much better it is for one’s image to pull into a hotel’s lobby in a scissor door Lamborghini than arriving in the MRT. Similarly, arriving at F1 parties and events with an absolutely beautiful Singaporean lady will also serve to raise your status. In addition, escorts will simply pretend they are your plus 1 with no one the wiser. This is why many men will engage a social escort to events or perhaps even a simple date during Singapore’s F1 period.

Well, what can I say? Mustangs, fast cars and hot girls are always a beautiful mix and always in demand! If only F1 race had Ford Mustang participating in it, that will be really fun.