How Do You Find Social Escort Girls In Singapore?

Are you going to be in Singapore soon? How do you find local social escort girls in Singapore? The reputable sources in every country is different, and this is the case for Singapore too. There are quirks that you may want to note if this is the first time you are looking for real escorts in Singapore with real photos, and not fake profiles or worse still, a complete scam! Read on so you know how to properly find escorts in Singapore.

First of all, you definitely want to avoid classified ad sites in Singapore. Unless you enjoy getting scammed by fake photos, and meeting escorts who look nothing like their images, and are at least 20 pounds heavier than their photos, avoid independent sites like the plague. A popular classified ads in Singapore is Locanto, and I strongly avoid that place and recommend you do that too. There are lots of fake profiles and images there. Lots of Filipinos, Vietnamese and Thailand illegal immigrants post fake supermodel images and pretend to be them on these classified ad sites. Disappointment with the real escort is rife with Singapore’s classified ad sites.

Second of all, you could head over to independent sites such as EscortsOfSingapore.Com.Sg. These are basically websites which allow independent escorts to list their profiles on the websites. Usually, there is some form of verification on these websites for the profiles posted. However, one thing you will notice is that you will be hard pressed to find any real Singaporean ladies on such independent sites. You will instead find tons of Europeans and South East Asian ladies posting their profiles on such independent escort sites. If you are looking for such ladies, then sure, you can head on over to those sites. Do note that most of these ladies are working under tourist VISAs, and technically illegal for them to work in any capacity in Singapore. If they are caught, you may be questioned by the local police. Local escorts are nearly impossible to find on such independent sites.

Third of all, for those of you interested in local girls, then agency websites are where you should go. The local agencies provide social escort girls who are local Singaporean. There used to be more. However, for now there is only one reputable agency left only and that will be SG VIP Escorts. You can contact them if you like Singaporean girls. If you prefer Europeans, then independent sites are your ideal choice. Otherwise, this is because the above mentioned local agency only seem to provide local Singaporean escort girls.

Last but not least, you could also head over to directory websites. However, this is not recommended in Singapore, because almost all reputable agencies and independent escorts in Singapore have their own websites, which are linked to from these directory sites. Yet, their direct websites can also be easily accessed from Google. So in my opinion, escort directory sites are useless when you can easily Google for social escorts in Singapore.